You Can Do Everything

Nowadays , all human beings are controlled by their thoughts and believe what they set in their minds. With my personal experience , I will show to you that everything can be done just you need to believe in yourself and change your thoughts sometimes.

Personally speaking, before joining RBK I don’t know what even a function means or if there are codes that can do everything for you and make things clear of how using internet.

Since my first day here, I was having thoughts that the bootstrap is hard and i don’t know if I will make it to the immersive or not but here I’m few steps away of being of Fullstack developer .
How I did it ?
It’s not that hard you just need to believe in yourself and manifest the life you want to live and try your best to achieve what you set as goals .

As a conclusion , in my opinion nothing is impossible after this experience and if I want to learn anything else it will be easy cause I already know that nothing is impossible with trying and believing

Student at RBK