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The Journey at RBK is going to finish so then what’s next ?
Each one of us has something in mind that will do it after graduating from the Bootcamp , So let me tell you what’s on my mind .

Let’s take a step back in time and let…

Getting out of the comfort zone means where the life begins and where we find success, cause if we stay in the comfort zone forever we will never know the taste of life and especially SUCCESS .

Let me tell you about my personal experience, I was afraid of getting…

First of all let’s begin with a little introduction for what a scrum is . Scrum is a methodology for managing product development and other types of knowledge work. Scrum is empirical in that it allows teams to form a hypothesis about how they think something works, test it, reflect on the results, and make necessary improvements.

The scrum master is the team member in charge of ensuring that the team respects to agile ideals and principles, as well as the methods and practices that were agreed upon by the team.

This position’s responsibilities include:

Taking care of difficulties
Creating an atmosphere in which the team can work effectively
Taking care of team dynamics
Maintaining a positive working connection between the team and the product owner, as well as with individuals outside the team
Keeping the team safe from outside distractions and disturbances.

During the mock assessment today, I noticed that I need to work more on some pointes in a short amount of time .
So that’s what I’m gonna do .

We all know about BEAST MODE, I’m going to turn that mode on , means I will give 200% of my energy working on my weak points to reach a level of satisfaction and will never give up till I made it cause all my sacrifices will not go like that.

Nowadays , all human beings are controlled by their thoughts and believe what they set in their minds. With my personal experience , I will show to you that everything can be done just you need to believe in yourself and change your thoughts sometimes.

Personally speaking, before joining RBK…

Push your limits

As we all know, nothing come in a easy way, we need always give our best and struggle to reach what we want and we will feel uncomfortable. I you ever had this feeling it means you are doing it right cause If you’re comfortable; you are…

Nowadays , I think everyone passed with bad days that marked him all his life . So , let me share with you one of my worsts days of my life and how did I handle theme to build better days .

In the summer of 2019 , I was…

We had all heard some rumors even something about us that we don’t know that people talked behind our backs.
Let me give some hints how to deal with them.

First, you can go and talk the one how speared the rumor and explain to him that it is false…

Our topic for today is How to be an autonomous learner?

First of all , You need to identify what you need . After identifying them , you need to set your learning goals means what you wanna reach with it .

So basically the hash table is a Data Structure means we store things inside of it and when we need something we call it by his key

Let’s consider the hash table as a box, inside this box we have buckets that contains temples. …


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